Taking the Industry Closer to Campus

Bridgia provides Industry as a Platform for Africa's Higher Institutions to support innovation, employability, and the development of talent pipelines for the future world of work.

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How does Bridgia Empower Higher Institutions?

Bridgia provides a University Industry Portal unique to each Institution for Students and Staff to have access to:


Profiles of more than 40 of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries with insights on career, innovation, and research opportunities in each industry. Students and staff can also connect with alumni in their industries of interest.


Support for the development of technical skills and projects by providing access to a single gateway to the academic programmes of the world's leading technology companies - software, platforms, learning resources, and certifications.


Individual and campus-wide assessments of student employability skills. Research projects can also be assessed for pathways to commercialisation. Personalised and institutional skill assessment reports are available, with industry readiness programmes to close gaps.

Benefits and Outcomes for your Campus Community

Bridgia's features deliver benefits to your Students and Staff in the following ways: 

  • Industry-Oriented Education

    Insights across a range of industries to support teaching, research and innovation.

  • Insights from Gap Assessments

    Surveys to identify and close skill gaps, and commercialise research for the industry.

  • Development of Talent Pipelines

    Skilling and access to talents to meet the global skill demand across industries.

Insights to Inform and Inspire Excellence in Higher Education

From student success, industry skills, innovation, employability to academia-industry collaboration, here are some of our insightful pieces.

Career advisory

A Guide to Industry-Academia Collaboration for African Universities5 mins read

Africa’s research institutions have not been missing in action at proffering solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, industry partnerships required to support these efforts through opportunities for further validation and commercialisation have not been widely available. This reflects the huge divide in industry-academia relations that have long existed on the continent.  

Training vector

Africa’s higher education: Focus on how to ‘think globally and act locally5 min read

Promoters of private higher education in Africa are emphasising the need to widen access, globalise higher education and equip graduates with 21st-century employability skills. While these are necessary and noble initiatives, these institutions – especially universities – are uniquely positioned to do more through a new approach to academia collaboration for relevant research, innovation, and “glocalisation”.

Training vector 2

Students need Careers Advice and Links to Employers, not Cheaper Courses5 min read

Jason Brown of  Careers and Employability Learning, La Trobe University writes: "Research shows starting university students have a poor understanding of the potential careers their degree may lead to. The government, universities and industry must work together to help students understand how their knowledge, skills and other attributes can be applied in the labour market, and where the opportunities exist."

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